Secret reception of cultivation of ground cucumbers: productivity is more, and efforts are less

Growing cucumbers in the open ground can be organized in different ways. Convenient and effective is the use of inclined trellis. With this method, it is much easier to care for the beds and harvest.

You can build a trellis from the available material. Can be useful boards from pallets, fittings, armored mesh. The main thing - to withstand the angle of 40-45 degrees relative to the ground.

The design can be either one-sided or two-sided. One-way trellis is placed on the south side. The cucumber whip is in the sun, and the cucumbers themselves are safely covered with leaves.

If desired, a place under the trellis can be partially used under the green. The resulting shade will reliably protect the future harvest from direct sunlight.

You can also save on watering, because cucumber seedlings or seeds are inside the structure, not outside. As soon as the vine grows, they will be in the shade.

It is better to have a hut-shaped structure in the east-west direction. Calculating its height, it is important to take into account that inside was a convenient passage for harvesting.

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