Secrets of the perfect stuffing

When cooking your favorite meatballs, you can not be too sophisticated and buy ready-made minced meat in the store, but if you are familiar with cooking firsthand, you know that the best stuffing is the one that is cooked with your own hands. Each housewife has its own "tricks", how to cook this or that dish and how to knead the stuffing. However, today we suggest you add to your piggy bank of recipesseveral tricks to cook the perfect stuffing.

Ground beef

So, the meat was picked and twisted. What you need to add to the stuffing to make the cutlets juicy? If you add 1 apple to ground beef, it will be more lush. And if you want to make real American burgers, add 1 tablespoon of butter, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of pork or lamb fat to the mince.

Minced chicken

Cutlets from chicken ground are obtained more tender and airy. They are classified as dietary products and cooked in a skillet, steamed or in the oven. When 50 ml of tomato juice is added to the mince, chicken cutlets will be incredibly juicy!

Minced pork

Single pork cutlets may turn out to be too fat, which will not make your pancreas very happy. Therefore, it is better to add 1 potato grated on a large grater into the minced meat.

Mixed minced meat

If you want your patties to be very tender and melt in your mouth, make minced pork and chicken. The perfect combination of beef and pork, chicken and pork - 50:50.

Minced fish

Experts recommend adding a couple of drops of lemon juice to minced fish. So fish cakes will turn out incredibly juicy and fragrant!

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