Seeing these 33 magnificent things, I realized how boring my apartment is. I want it all!

There are so many opportunities to make your home an inspiring and fantastic place. You can expand the space or realize a childhood dream. You can also use this space in a completely new way. The most important thing is when it is comfortable and pleasant to live in your own house. These 33 examples are designed precisely so that you can imagine how your house can look great:

1. This ladder can also be a giant chest of drawers.

2. But the stairs with shelves.

3. Another example, but the same idea.

4. Mobile office. Not bad, right?

5. These balconies can be small pools at the same time.

6. So all are interconnected during a meal, even if dead silence prevails.

7. With this table for table tennis, the kitchen can easily turn into a game room.

8.Alternatively, you can also install a door that easily turns into a table tennis table with a flick of the wrist.

9. For this bathroom you need to live in the mine. It definitely won't be boring!

10. When it rains, with the help of such things attached to the house, you will hear the magic melody.

11. What about a clear bath?

12. Yes, true captains cannot sleep on the ground and therefore seek their own ships in the evenings.

13. This ice cave is likely to attract the attention of everyone who visits it.

14. Paradise conditions for a cat. Here he can rage.

15. Convenient and almost weightless. Sofa-hammock.

16. The spiral staircase in addition to everyday use is also an additional feature for children.

17. Vertical hanging gardens are practical and always in fashion.

18. On the lid of this basement you can walk. In addition, you always have everything at hand!

19. So you can turn every small courtyard into a lounge, as in a luxurious spa.

20. The open-air cinema also fascinates in its own way.

21. Your child's eyes sparkle only at the thought of such a tree house in their own room.

22. Against this network, no one can resist.Here you can easily lie down to read something.

23. So you can get a wonderful place. And note that this is just a simple door.

24. And this is exclusively for men - a skate track in the living room.

25. This pool is so similar to the sea that you can just as slowly enter it.

26. This table is not only convenient for eating.

27. This pool is partially located in the house.

28. The fireplace is visible to everyone sitting around it.

29. So cats can be entertained even outside the house.

30. A slide in the house. Of course, it takes quite a lot of space, so the house should be the size of a palace.

31. Pretty stylish mini-fireplace that you can ignite while drinking your coffee on the sofa.

32. This bed is a bit for dreamers. Who wakes up in it, is still in a sea of ​​dreams.

33. So you bring the beach to your office. And the feeling will be that you are not at work at all.

The net above the stairs is exactly what I need. Weightlessness in your own home. And at night I dream about such a wine cellar. In fact, a lodger below will make trouble if one day he finds that something cylindrical is hanging from his ceiling.

Tell everyone about these great ideas.

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