Self-made solid perfume

Delicate fragrance of your favorite perfume, which envelops like a veil, gives a good mood and a touch of mystery. Solid spirits were among the first that appeared in ancient Egypt and were available only to pharaohs and their entourage. To date, everyone can afford this miracle, which melts from touching the fingertips and absorbed into the skin, taking care of it. It is even more interesting to make compact perfumes with your own hands, selecting your favorite essential oils and making up a unique composition. Below is the recipe for cooking perfume with aphrodisiacs, which act not only stimulant, but also increase the energy resistance of the whole body. Wax, base oil and vitamin. E protect and care for the skin, stabilize essential oils. Aromafix gives the greatest resistance to the spirits. Jasmine in ancient times was considered a sign of luxury and wealth, creating a good mood and easy euphoria. Soothes and perfectly fights signs of skin wilting.Essential oil of fragrant kanag or otherwise, ylang-ylang, revives love and positive energy. Smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Neroli oil, obtained from the petals of flowers of orange trees. Eliminates the depressive mood, protects the nervous system, liberates. Like the previous oil, is an aphrodisiac. Neroli oil moisturizes and smoothes the skin, relieves irritation. Sun-dried mandarin oil can increase the protective properties of the body, prevent a viral infection, and relieve the headache. Stimulates the nervous system, giving optimism and good mood. Bergamot oil enhances sexual attraction, stabilizes human energy, enhances creativity. It is an excellent antiseptic and a storehouse of nutrients, especially for oily skin. All these wonderful ingredients will help create unique and useful spirits.  making hard perfumes
  • 2 tsp . - candelilla wax or simply bee wax.
  • 1.5 tsp. - Olive, almond or jojoba oils.
  • 2 drops of vitamin E.
  • 3 drops of Aromafix (optional)
  • Vitamin andIt is advisable to mix Aromafix separately, then add the remaining oils to them.
  • 6 drops of EF. Jasmine oils.
  • 3 drops of ef. M. Neroli.
  • 4 drops of ef. M. ylang-ylanga.
  • The last two oils will add a touch of freshness to a passionate composition.
  • 2 drops of ef.m.t. mandrin.
  • 1 drop eff. M. Bergamot.
  • Capacity for perfume.
  • This may be a ceramic box, a box of shadows or blush, a medallion with a lid. Or, as in this case, a divided and decorated case for contact lenses.
  • Ceramic or metal dishes for heating wax.
  • It is convenient to use a ladle.
  • Spoon or glass stick for stirring.
  • Alcohol for processing capacity.
Manufacturing process: First you need to prepare a container for perfume. It should be wiped with alcohol, then dry with a piece of cotton wool. Put it in a horizontal position on a flat surface. Then wax and base oil are mixed in the dishes for heating, melted in a water bath.
 making hard perfumes
After the basic composition has melted, the dishes are removed from the bath and essential oils are added, vitamin . E and aromafix.You can pre-make a mixture of your favorite oils, then to act faster, until the wax is cold. All the components of perfume composition should be well stirred.
 making solid spirits
 making solid spirits The precious composition is poured into the prepared container. making solid spirits Closes the lid and the perfume is given time so that all its components begin to work harmoniously, about 5-7 days. This is ideal, but if there is no patience or urgently needed perfumes, then you can start using them immediately, putting very little on the wrist, under the collarbone, on the neck. Individual perfumes with aphrodisiacs are ready, now you can enjoy the special scent of your own preparation.  making hard perfumes

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