Seoul - a city of amazing beauty

If you want to know more about amazing and unexplored Korea, then go on a trip to Seoul. And so that the trip was successful and remembered, find out in advance and remember several important points.

What is this city?

Seoul is the capital of Korea. Moreover, it is the only city in the republic that has a special status and is divided into 25 districts, each of which has local governments. And the full name sounds like “Seoul Special Status City”.

The population is more than 10 million people, and it is about 20% of the total population of Korea. Besides, the city is not only the largest and densely populated, but also the most significant for the republic. It is the financial, historical, cultural and political center, the leading economic region of all East Asia.

The name Seoul is derived from the ancient Korean word "sorabol" or "sable", which means "capital".

Climatic conditions

The climate of the city is considered monsoon. And although Seoul is located on the same latitude with many warm countries (for example, with Turkey, Spain and Greece), there is still winter.Although it is short and rather soft, but stable. The temperature in January can drop to -6 degrees, but usually it is close to zero. Summer is quite hot and very humid. But up to record marks the temperature rises extremely rarely, it usually fluctuates within 25-30 degrees.

Since Seoul is located on the shores of the Yellow Sea, it is often dominated by monsoons, which usually bring precipitation, and the largest number falls in summer, during this period the average monthly volume can exceed 300 mm, and sometimes per day falls to 100-200 ( with typhoons more). Despite the fact that the city is surrounded by mountains, they do not protect it from the northern winds, which often blow in the cold season. In winter, anticyclones strongly influence the weather.

How to get there?

Getting to Seoul is the quickest and most convenient way by air, especially from almost all major capitals, there are regular flights to Seoul Airport, which, by the way, is located in a nearby small town called Incheon.


Where to stay in Seoul? In this city there are a lot of hotels of any “star”, but you can also find a more budget option, such as a hotel or hostel (beds are offered).A large company or family, if desired, can rent an entire villa or apartment.

Prices are very different, it all depends on the services provided and the service, as well as the status and location. For example, a room in a hotel far from the center will be much cheaper. But, deciding to save, think about what you have to spend every day on the road.


From the international airport in Incheon to the capital of Korea, you can take the shuttle bus. The journey time will be about 40 minutes.

City transport is represented mainly by metro, and now 9 lines are fully functioning, numbered from 1 to 9. You can also move around the city on buses, their network is also very developed. And with other Korean cities, Seoul is connected by a high-speed railway, on which electric trains regularly circulate.

What's so interesting?

What can you see in the city of Seoul? There is a lot of interesting things:

  • Namsan is a big mountain located in the very center of the city. It houses a national park with botanical gardens, the eponymous library, as well as the famous Seoul Tower - the highest point of Seoul.
  • Changdeokgung Palace is the former residence of the king and the Secret Garden. This is perhaps the only palace that has preserved the original architectural style inherent in the Joseon dynasty.
  • The temple of Ponuns is one of the rarest temples in which two legendary monks Samyon and Sosan studied.
  • Any tourist will certainly be interested to visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace - a huge complex, which is a labyrinth of pavilions and courtyards.
  • Insadon. Buying gifts for relatives and friends is worth it here. But also here you can just walk and be surprised.
  • Enumerating modern sights, it is worth mentioning creek Chongechhon. It used to be a river channel, but then disappeared under the highway. And so, in 2005, the authorities decided to restore it. And today it is one of the most beautiful places.
  • In the photo in the excursion booklets often found Korean house. This is a cultural and historical center that will allow you to know the ancient traditions and historical values ​​of Korea.
  • If you are lucky enough to go on holiday in Seoul, then by all means visit the largest amusement park Lotte World.
  • If you have time, be sure to go to the National Museum of Korea, because it is the sixth largest in the world. In total, about 220 thousand items are stored here.
  • Want to see something unusual? Then go to the Museum of Optical Illusions. This is an interactive building decorated with 3D paintings. Here you can feel like a piece of a masterpiece.
  • The temple of Chogesa is owned by the largest Buddhist order in the whole country, it is considered the main center of Zen Buddhism in South Korea.


Seoul is a bright and diverse city, so you will definitely find what to do here. For example, you can go to the spa complex, look at the races and bet, visit one of the amusement parks, ride a mountain bike on major tracks, try your luck at one of the casinos, go on an exciting tour of the magnificent palaces and temples, or simply enjoy Korean nature. in parks.

What to buy?

What to bring to memory from Seoul?

  • Products from ginseng. Korea is the leader in the cultivation and processing of this unique plant, and it has a lot of useful properties.
  • Be sure to buy tea here. A great variety of varieties are represented in tea shops, but fruit and green are considered especially popular.
  • If you have poor eyesight, then in Seoul you should get high-quality, stylish and not at all expensive glasses.
  • Ceramics products.And especially appreciated celadon, which is characterized by fragility, graceful lines and a delicate green tint. This you will not find anywhere else except Korea.
  • Get a Korean fan. But remember that it does not fold, so it will not be very convenient to transport and use it.
  • Decorations. Especially popular in Seoul are products made of onyx and jade, which, by the way, are attributed to medicinal properties.
  • Store "trinkets" can be in the lacquer box. Such a product may look like a real masterpiece of art.
  • Here you can buy a smart embroidered handkerchief. Pleasant, useful and inexpensive souvenir.
  • Buy a little doll in a traditional Korean costume to remember the journey.
  • Be sure to bring a national wooden mask from Seoul.
  • Here you can buy a cute paper flashlight and other paper products.
  • In Korea, make exquisite gold jewelry, and for every taste and pocket with different gold content.
  • The girl will certainly appreciate the local bags, because here they are bright, high-quality and inexpensive.
  • Do you like massage? Then buy fixtures and tools for such a procedure, for example, oil, mat.
  • Be sure to bring a beautiful and strong umbrella, in such products Koreans know a lot.

In general, in Seoul, you can buy almost anything, but it is important to find out exactly where to make certain purchases. So, souvenirs are sold in some places, antique gizmos - in others, and clothing and accessories - in third places.


In Seoul, they love and masterfully prepare all the dishes of Korean cuisine, and each district specializes in one thing, so in order to try the most delicious, find out in advance where to go.

As for culinary traditions, the main and frequently used products are rice, various noodles, fish, vegetables and meat, especially pork. By the way, in Korea (including in Seoul) they actively use dog meat, so if you go to a small and little-known cafe, ask in advance what meat dishes are made from there.

To give a piquant taste, Koreans plentifully spice their food with various spices and sauces. Especially popular are coriander, hot pepper, soy sauce, garlic, kochkhdzhan and twenjan (this is soy paste), and so on.

The most popular alcoholic beverages in Seoul are Korean vodka and rice wine.Among the non-alcoholic it is worth noting teas, especially fruit, such as Yucha.

Let the trip to Seoul be remembered and give only the most pleasant and vivid impressions.

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