Serena Williams became a mom

Last weekend, Serena Williams, the record holder for the number of victories in Grand Slam tournaments, accepted congratulations. But this time, not with another achievement on the court, but with the birth of the first child! The 35-year-old tennis player and her fiance Alexis Oganyan, co-founder of Reddit, had a daughter.

As soon as the news that Serena Williams became a mother, left the walls of the prestigious clinic St. Mary's Medical Center in Florida, congratulations fell on Twitter on the legendary racket.

“Serena, congratulations! This is your finest achievement! ”

"With the arrival of the baby, Serena!"

"The future star of the court was born"

The parents do not disclose the name of the daughter yet, but let us remember how several months ago Serena's elder sister Venus Williams, though jokingly, expressed hope that the girl would be named in her honor. We hope the mother and baby feel great and the tennis player, as planned, will return to the court at the beginning of next year.

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