Sew these cute owls from fabric, following a simple master class.

If you have the remains of fabric that you just have to discard, do not rush it! Look at this master class, in which even different-quality pieces of fabric can be joined together and get cute birds - these small and absolutely charming owls.

For work you will need:

  • fabric (preferably two different);
  • scissors;
  • thread with a needle;
  • holofiber, synthetic winterizer or any other filler;
  • yarn or thick thread;
  • two large buttons (eyes can also be easily embroidered);
  • Pattern paper (you can find it below).

Pattern for a small and large owl:

Getting started:

1. Print and cut the template. Attach them to two different tissues (body and abdomen), cut out the blank.

2. Sew the body. Fabrics must be face to face. You will have a cone without a base:

3. We make ear bundles of "feathers". To do this, measure the necessary amount of yarn, fold the beak and sew the ears.

4.Fix the beak. Just sew it to the body.

5. Sew on the eyes of a big owl. Determine where the eyes will look best, our buttons.

6. Stuff the toy and sew the bottom.

7. Sew the eyes to the owl. Note: unlike the big owl, they are sewn differently:

Fill and sew the bottom of a small toy.

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