Shambala Do-It-Yourself Bracelet

Such bracelets are a kind of amulets, talismans. It is believed that they protect their master from any negative interference, attract good luck and protect against all sorts of adversity. If there is a place for miracle and magic in your soul, then you will believe in the beauty and uniqueness of such an ornament, making it yourself. I present to you a master class, following which everyone will be able to make this unique decoration. So, let's start. In order to get started, you need to buy: - a smooth cord - beautiful beads of medium size (you can use even precious stones, most importantly, a hole in the beads should not be small so that you can thread the cord into it); Glue Moment or colorless lacquer - sharp scissors. need to buy
Getting to the manufacture of the bracelet. 1. Three cord cuts (50 cm each) are pulled into a weak knot, leaving a loose tail at least 5 cm.Do not tighten the main knot so that it can be untied without problems. As shown in the photo.
2. We start tying nodules. The first part of the knot: we take the left cord and put it on top of the middle one, and then the right cord is used. We put it on top of the cord that was on the left, draw it under the middle cord and pull it out between the left and middle ones. Now carefully tighten the first part of the node. To do this, pull the right and left cord in different directions (the middle remains stationary). The result was the following construction.
 Let's start tying a knot
 tying knots
the resulting nodule

3. The second part of the knot is tied up using the “opposite” technique. Now the extreme cord on the left side (it was right in the previous step) is held under the central cord. Now take the rightmost cord and hold it under the left and put it on top of the central cord. After that, we start it through the top of the loop, which was formed between the middle and leftmost cords. Tighten the second part of the knot.This is what you end up with.
 is knotted using the opposite technique
 is tied the opposite
4. Now we tie such knots in a row. Their number individually for each decoration is usually enough 4 nodes as in the photo.
 we tie such knots in a row
5. String the first bead on the middle cord and tighten it with knots, which were described earlier. The only difference is that the cord will fit the bead on both sides, as shown in the photo.
 the first bead on the middle cord

6. Make a couple more knots and dress the next bead again. Fix it with nodes.
 We fix it with nodes
7. Repeat this process until the bracelet becomes the desired length. At this moment, we stop adding beads and finish braiding with four more knots. We fix the final result.To do this, turn over the bracelet and from the seamy side we tie a regular knot and fasten it with glue or transparent varnish. Then cut off the tails. That's what we got.
 glue the end
8. The same procedure is done from the second side of the bracelet.
 turned out
9. After the main work is done, the bracelet is almost ready. Decorate its ends with suitable smaller beads. For the remaining parts of the cord from the right and left side we string the beads, and at the ends of the cord we knot the knots so that the beads do not slip.  from the second side of the bracelet
10. I prefer to fasten such a bracelet on the hand with the help of a lock-shuttle. In general, its weaving repeats all the same knots. Take the bracelet for loose tails (as in the photo).
 the beads did not slip off
11. Next, fix the cord with a size of 30 cm, thus, as shown in the photo.  Take the bracelet 12.Then we spin 4-5 knots and finish the job just as we did before. This is what happened to me.
 bracelet ready
13. Very important!!! When weaving the lock, do not let the glue get on the cord of the bracelet. Otherwise, the lock will simply stick to it and will not “drive.” Everything is ready. Here in the photo my two creations are completely different, but they are made on the same principle.
 Shambala Bracelet
Try and find your style. Good luck!

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