Shoes with fur: 7 most fashionable pairs for autumn

Sandals with fur


The fact that more and more brands from different countries appear on the Internet promises us that fashion will become more interesting every day. For example, this pair of fur sandals (andfrom antelope fur!) made in South Africa and belongs to the collection of this summer, although it truly resembles the shoes of primitive people.

 Sandals with fur Brother Vellies

Shoes with fur

This pair exists in two colors, and it is absolutely impossible to dwell on any one: in black these shoes with a rabbit fur pompon look dramatic and stern, and in pink and beige they look elegant and gentle.

Fur shoes Pour La Victoire

Shoes with fur Pour La Victoire (23 898 rub.)

Fur Ballet Flats

The Toga brand usually produces brutal footwear and is particularly masculine, inspired by biker and rocker themes, butthis couple came out more fervently than brutal, and, probably, it's all about the “chicken” shade of fur, which looks stylish in such a “hybrid” model - something between ankle boots and ballet flats.There are ballet flats with fur inside, but for high fashion you need to “bring it out”.

Toga Fur Ballet Flats

Ballet shoes with fur Toga (26 790 rub.)

Sneakers with fur

Finnish brand Minna Parikka comes up with funny models of shoes and shoes reminding children's shoes: boots with ears and fur, pompoms, hearts and even pink unicorns. And since recentlyeveryone is obsessed with sports shoes of the most incredible shapes and colorsthen this pair is simply obliged to be on the list - a bit infantile, but very original.

Sneakers with fur Minna Parikka

Minna Parikka fur sneakers ($ 225 at a 40% discount)

Fur Sandals

Make them home slippers, take with you on your September vacation or buy with the expectation already for the next summer? If a model of shoes recently had a high point, it was definitely fur sandals, so now they just will not go out of fashion so quickly.

Mango Fur Sandals

Mango Fur Sandals (5 499 Rub.)

Ankle boots with fur

We say "ankle boots", we mean a pair that is unlikely to be able to walk late in the fall. And all the fault of the bright faux fur, which covers the entire surface of this model, including even the heel. And yet, for all its impracticalitythey are able to produce these fur boots of the main character's color “Sesame Streets”.

Ankle Boots with Topshop

Half-boots with fur

Moon boots somehow did not take root too much in our country, unlike their short relative - sheepskin ugg boots.Traditionally, this footwear was intended for trips to the mountains for a vacation, because there is snow and ice, which means that the feet should be warm and comfortable. There are a huge number of models of moon boots in online stores, and many of them are trimmed with fur and even in this case they look like the real winter shoes for our climate.

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