Simple and cheap method for shining kitchen sink in 3 minutes

A neat, radiantly clean kitchen is the dream of every hostess. The most favorite place of the whole family, where you can always bask in tea and have a snack, will be especially cozy if the kitchen smells fresh and tasty, while the sink, stove and stainless steel refrigerator shine and reflect light like a mirror! Unfortunately, after the most thorough cleaning, on the steel surfaces are untidy whitish spots. Do you want your sink and all stainless metal surfaces to shine?

We present you a simple and environmentally friendly polishing product: baby oil for newborns.

Step 1.Spray some oil.

Step 2.Using a paper kitchen cloth, polish the entire surface of the sink thoroughly.

That's all! After rubbing with oil, the sink shines brighter than on the day of purchase.

The same method can be used to achieve the brilliance of other stainless steel surfaces, such as a stove, door handles.

The glossy effect persists for a long time, the polished surface repels dirt.

Simply, cheaply, eco-friendly - brilliantly!

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