Simple bottle case

All lovers of travel, and other types of outdoor activities can not do without water. And it is important for them that the water is always at hand, but better in the belt case. It can be done by yourself, without being a professional cutter and seamstress. Your attention is probably the cheapest of ways. You will need: • tape (about 2 m) made of thick synthetic fabric, not more than 3 cm wide (like what is used in the mounts of backpacks); • plastic bottle of water 0.5 liters (or one liter, it is just uncomfortable to carry a large container on the belt); • • scissors; • threads and a needle; • • crayon or a piece of soap; • meter; • lighter (matches).
 you need
We measure the girth of the bottle by the widest th place at the neck and at the bottom.
Measure the girth of the bottle
Transfer our measurement to the tape (and add approximately 1cm).

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