Simple felt flowers

Simple felt flowers- a workshop on making felt flowers for interiors, creating an atmosphere or just beautiful bouquets.

Materials and tools:

  1. felt;
  2. glue gun;
  3. scissors;
  4. ear sticks.

Step 1

Cut from felt circles (large, medium and small in different sizes) - blanks of flower petals. Take a circle and roll into a bag, fix the glue from the hot melt glue gun. The same will be repeated with other circles - we will make petals. Then we collect all the petals in the flower (see figure).

Make the center of the flower: cut a strip of dark felt, take cotton swabs and cut them in half, then glue them at one end of the strip of felt with a hot-melt glue gun. We turn everything into a tube and glue in the center of the flower.

A simple felt floweris ready.

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