Simple Fish

This fish is so quickly and easily formed that it can be done even by a primary school student. Preferably with the help of an adult. Should someone show the child how to gently fold the sheet and bend the corners. Such a fish can be hung by a thin, inconspicuous thread to the chandelier or glued with adhesive tape to the wall. And then she can become a talisman for the child. After all, it is so similar to the Golden Fish from a fairy tale! The sequence of work. To fold such a fish, prepare a sheet of yellow paper. From the seamy side the paper should be white.
 Simple paper fish
Fold the upper right corner of the sheet in half diagonally with the wrong side inwards. Cut off the part of the sheet that is left.
 Simple paper fish
Expand the leaflet. You got a square with a single diagonal bend.
 Simple paper fish
Fold a square along another diagonal.The fold must be on top.
 Simple paper fish
The sides of the triangle bend downwards, aligning the side corners with the bottom. Two moving triangles turned out.
 Simple paper fish
These triangles fold in half horizontally.
 Simple paper fish
At the top again we got two triangles. Bend them in half and unbend again. Folds defined their middle.
 Simple paper fish
The upper parts of the triangles again fold in half, aligning their sides with the midline.
 Simple paper fish
Two sheets in the form of triangles turned out at the bottom of the craft. One of the triangles is bent upward by 3/4 of its height. Fold press.
 Simple paper fish
Take hold of this fold and fold again up,making a bend exactly in the center of the craft.
 Simple fish of paper
You have a square on which all the work done by you was at the top. And at the bottom there was a single triangular leaf. In the middle of the blank on this triangle, make a label on both sides at a distance of 1 cm from the center. On both sides make notches before the marks.  Simple fish of paper
The lower triangle is bent behind the hand-craft. You will get such a pilot's cap.  Simple fish of paper Uncover it wider. Simple paper fish Take the bottom of the side corners and connect the right side of the cap to its left side, simultaneously cutting part of the craft on the right. Simple paper fish Holding the hand-made article in half-opened form, fold the tail part of it along the fold with the white side inward.Turn the right triangle (tail) 90 degrees upward so that its base takes up the vertical position. Top slightly in the area of ​​the incision slightly push into the crafts.
Simple paper fish
And only now press all the folds. Since the tail of the fish is moving, give it the correct position.
 Simple paper fish
Cut out two small circles from black paper and paste them. Now the fish have eyes.
 A simple paper fish
A fish is ready.

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