Simple pipe cutter

Such a simple device for cutting pipes, the power to make every craftsman who has the skill of working with metal. The construction of the pipe cutter is simple, and it will take no more than 20 minutes to manufacture.

It will take

To make a pipe cutter you need:
  • A piece of a rectangular profile.
  • A piece of a motorcycle chain.
  • A hairpin with a nut .
  • A piece of pipe with an internal diameter of a stud diameter or a little more.
  • Roller from a pipe cutter - you can easily buy it in the spare parts and tools shop.
  • Steel plates with a hole for mounting the roller.
Simple Pipe Cutter
You will also need an electrode for welding and, of course, a welding machine.

Making a Pipe Cutter

Assembling a node that will hold the cut-off roller. I made such plates in advance of thick steel. You can also find them completely finished.

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