Singing actresses: stars that combine cinema and stage

On the screens of cinemas of Samara comes the film "Blue Abyss". The main role played the once famous singer Mandy Moore, who in the movie shows good progress. Woman’s Day - about girls who are equally successful both in the movie and on stage.

According to the plot of the film “Blue Abyss”, the two sisters decided to try a very extreme attraction - to be face to face with a dangerous white shark. The only obstacle to the bloodthirsty predator was a huge cage in which enthusiastic girls with bated breath watching the monster. But suddenly the cable holding the rescue cell breaks. Girls descend to the bottom, and the air in the tank becomes every minute less and less. The sisters will have to get out of the cage and get to the surface before the oxygen runs out. But the shark is still there ...

Watch the film "Blue Abyss" in Samara cinemas from June 29!

Mandy moore

actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
Photo: a frame from the movie "Rush to love"
Photo: shot from the movie "Blue Abyss"

American actress and singer Mandy Moore achieved fame in the early two thousand years. At that time, the girl now and then flashed on the movie screens, so it is not surprising that the army of fans grew more and more. At first, she began to conquer the music industry, in which she achieved considerable heights by that time. Later, Moore decided by all means to achieve fame in the cinematic field. So, on account of Mandy for the most part roles in teenage films, such as “Hurry to Love,” “Saved by!”, “American Dream” and others. However, it should be noted, the glory of Moore did not keep up, however, we hope that the girl will soon be able to regain her former popularity.

Billie Piper

actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
Photo: shot from the TV series "The Secret Diary"
Photo: shot from the series "The Terrible Tale"

The fame of British Billie Piper came at the same time as Mandy Moore. Good looks and a pretty smile helped Billy succeed both in the movies and on stage. By the way, despite the success in the music industry, in the film industry, the girl literally opened up new horizons for her talent.So, Piper is the most popular for roles in TV shows such as Doctor Who, Secret Call Girl Diary and Scary Tales. In addition, Billy has experience of participation in theatrical productions. So, the purposefulness and success in the work of Piper can only envy.

Jennifer Lopez

actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
Photo: shot from the series "Shades of Blue"
Photo: a frame from the film “If the mother-in-law is a monster”
Photo: shot from the film "Gigli"
Photo: a frame from the movie "Fan"

The name of Jennifer Lopez at the hearing for more than twenty years. Over the years, a popular actress, singer, dancer and businesswoman has made incredible heights in show business. Starting a dancer in the troupe, Lopez began to think about the career of an actress. So, her debut on movie screens took place in the film "Selena", which brought Jennifer high critical reviews and a nomination for the Golden Globe. From this point on, the girl begins to actively build a career in cinema, while at the same time engaging in music. Jennifer - this is the case when, thanks to the undeniable talent, bright and spectacular appearance, it is possible to achieve success in any field in which you wish. Now Lopez is one of the highest paid singers, a successful actress, fashion designer and dancer.We are confident that Jennifer’s success is solely her personal achievement, whose endurance, patience and hard work should be taken as an example.


actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
Photo: shot from the movie "Mermaids"
Photo: shot from the movie "Burlesque"
Photo: A shot from the film "The Witches of Eastwick"

American singer and actress of Armenian origin needs no introduction. Cher is a unique case whose success and fame are not repeated by many show business people. Starting a career at the age of seventeen, Cher devoted her entire life to creativity, since the star has a tremendous talent. A strong, always recognizable voice, acting gift, bright appearance served the woman for the glory. So, Cher is one of the few showbiz actors who can boast of an Oscar, a Grammy, three Golden Globes and an Emmy. Suppose now the career of an artist is not as rich as in earlier times, but outrageous Sher forever remains the favorite of the public.

Barbra streisand

actresses who sing photos
actresses who sing photos
Photo: shot from the movie "Funny Girl"
Photo: a frame from the film "At the Mirror Two Faces

Barbru Streisand is rightly called one of the most commercially successful women of our time. Streisand was able to achieve the same success in the cinema and in the music industry. On account of both Barbra and two Okara, Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe.True, all this would not have happened if even a very young girl had obeyed her mother, who considered Barbru absolutely unattractive for show business. As it turned out later, it was her unusual appearance that became the trump card of the artist, who managed to achieve incredible heights in her career, not meeting the requirements of standard beauty.

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