Sisal Topiary

In order to make a home comfortable, it is customary to decorate it with flowers or with some other compositions - paintings, panels. Also, a bright accent can be made with topiary. His second name is the tree of happiness. With it, you can easily add a bright element to the room. And if it is not bought in a store, but made by hand, it will be much more volume to carry warmth and happiness to its owners. Topiary are made from ribbons, coffee beans, foiramane and other materials. One of the easiest ways is to make a tree of happiness from sisal. For the production you will need:
  • a foam ball (or you can crumple a newspaper) with a diameter of about 7-10 cm (you can do more or less - at the request of the skilled worker, because the size of the product will depend on it),
  • old pen or stick for chinese food,
  • hot gun or regular super glue,
  • sisal,
  • alabaster,
  • threads,
  • a pot for a tree,
  • finishing elements: beads, semi-beads, a small piece satin ribbons (or any other materials if desired).
 Topiary from sisal
1.Preheat the hot melt gun, drip onto the unnecessary handle from one edge of the glue droplet and fix the thread, starting to wind the entire rod to it.  Topiary of sisal For a larger fortress, you can glue it every 2- 3 cm. After the entire handle is twisted, the thread must be fixed and cut.
 Topiary from sisal
2. In the foam ball, make a hole, drip a little bit of glue, insert the handle and leave to dry for a stronger fixation.  Topiary from sisal
Topiary of Sisal
3. Take the sisal, break the fibers into small pieces, from which to twist the balls.  Sisal topiary
 Topiary from sisal
On average, it will take from 30 up to 100 pieces (all depends on the size of the foam ball and the sisal balls themselves). Topiary from sisal 4. After the balls are ready, you need to glue them to the foam.It is convenient to start from the top, moving down.
 Topiary from sisal
You need to glue as close as possible to each other, otherwise the base will be visible.
 Sisal Topiary
5. The topiary barrel can be decorated with a thread with beads or a thin ribbon, and you can glue beads between sisal balls.
 Topiary from sisal
Sisal Topiary
6 . Now you need to fix the tree in the pot. For this, alabaster is diluted in an unnecessary container with water to the consistency of thick cream. Transfer this mixture to the pot (although you can immediately mix the mixture in it), and place the barrel with the ball there. Hold it with your hands for 5-10 minutes until the mixture hardens.
 Sisal topiary
For complete drying it will take several hours. To prevent alabaster from being visible, you can close it with sisal and glue semi-beads.
 Topiary from sisal
7. If a beautiful pot was used, then everything can be left as is, or you can decorate it yourself.For this you need to take a satin ribbon and fix it on topiary.

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