Skin care around the eyes and eyelashes

In the morning, wipe your eyes with ice cubes. And it is better if you prepare such cubes from infusions of herbs: calendula, chamomile, lime blossom - they will help make the skin softer and moisturize it; plantain leaves, oak bark, green tea, mint - reduce bruises under the eyes; also with puffiness and bags under the eyes, cubes of freshly ground brewed coffee are well struggling.
Use eye cream. Do not save on this product. Up to 25 years old use moisturizers; from 25 to 32 - nutritious; from 32 to 40 - nutritious with lifting effect; after 40 - cream with a strong lifting effect. Note that the cream should be well absorbed, should not leave behind a “film”, i.e. After using the cream, you should not feel discomfort, and the skin should breathe. Well, if the composition will be lanolin, vitamins A, E and various extracts from plants.
Several times a week, lubricate the skin around the eyes with a mixture of oils: wheat germ, rosehip, grape seed with the addition of neroli essential oil.Mix oils in equal proportions in a bottle, 3-4 drops of ethereal will be enough for 100 ml of oil, store in a dark place. Before each use, shake and apply a small amount with patting movements around the eyes and on the cilia, but so that the mixture does not get into the eyes. The skin will become more elastic and moisturized, and the eyelashes will become thicker and longer.
Once or twice a week make nourishing masks. Of course, you can simplify the task and buy the finished one, but it is better to do it yourself. To do this, take: 1 tsp. rose hydrolat; 1/2 tsp glycerol; 1/2 tsp pomegranate seed oil; 2 capsules of vitamin E; 2 capsules of vitamin A; 1/2 tsp silk peptides; 2 drops of hyaluronic acid; 2 drops of carrot seed essential oil; 1 tbsp. l badger fat. Method of preparation: melted fat melt in a water bath, let cool slightly and stir in all the ingredients. Method of application: apply on a previously cleansed skin around the eyes with a thick layer, after 15-20 minutes, rinse with water using a gel for washing. From such a mask eyelashes will improve their appearance. Store the mask in a jar, in the refrigerator. Do not forget about the mask of cucumber slices and avocado mashed potatoes.

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