Small napkin holders

Small napkin holdersare comfortable wooden napkin holders in the form of cute little animals from childhood, made quickly and simply from scrap materials.

Materials and tools:

  1. thin boards or thin plywood;
  2. jigsaw;
  3. Drill and drill
  4. sandpaper;
  5. lacquer and brush.

Step 1

Take a board and draw sketches on it (there must be a napkin hole) for the little animals to cut out. For convenience, you can use stencils.

Step 2

Jigsaw cut animals on the sketch. To cut a hole, first drill a hole with a drill, then use a jigsaw. We proceed to the processing of "rough workpiece", for this we use a knife, and then sandpaper from large to small.

Paint the blank with varnish in several layers. AllWooden napkin holders

are ready.

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