Smart furniture saving space in the apartment

Smart furniture began to appear in Russia not so long ago, first in Moscow, then in other large cities, they began to talk about transformer furniture. What is a transforming bed, a wardrobe-bed-sofa and how they are so good, we will tell in this post.
In large cities, where there is less and less free space, and square meters are becoming more and more expensive, solutions that make the most efficient use of free space are gaining in popularity. Due to this, skyscrapers, multi-level parking and capsule houses in Japan appeared. The same fate befell furniture.

So, in New York, Tokyo, and now in Moscow, transformer cabinets began to appear. At night, they turn a room into a bedroom with a large bed, and by day into a living room with a soft sofa and a closet for storage. Thus, on the wardrobe, bed and sofa, instead of 8 sq.m. leaves only 3 sq.m. Taking into account the cost per square meter in some cities, it turns out that a wardrobe-bed sofa saves not only space, but also money.

Multifunctional furniture-transformers are not limited to the wardrobe, bed and sofa, there are, for example, beds turning into tables, cabinets with desks and other various transformations. All these transformations are done easily, thanks to gas elevators or electric drives, moreover, it is often not even necessary to fill the bed or remove things from the table.

A simpler kind of furniture-transformers are the table-bed transformer. Its price is lower and it is well suited for a student’s or a student’s minimalist room.

Even more strict lines and minimalism in the folding single bed. It is disguised as a chest of drawers or a closed shelf.

A wonderful invention for small apartments, where there are two children - a bunk closet-bed transformer. See what a beautiful and practical option. On the top there is a shelf for laundry.

A bunk bed can hide in the couch. Ordinary folding sofas can not provide two separate beds, and this design may be enough space for two adults.

Such furniture saves space and performs several functions at once.Moreover, if earlier such products were made exclusively by European factories, now beautiful and high-quality models can be found from Russian manufacturers at quite reasonable prices.

Undoubtedly, it is very convenient - with a flick of the wrist, hide the bed behind the mirror facade or turn it into a workplace. On the one hand, the folding furniture makes the space compact and variable, and on the other hand, its mobility and dynamics meet the needs for innovation and the desire to change the world around them.

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