Smart Keychain

Very much about a person can tell such a thing in his everyday life, like a keychain. A small flight of fantasy, peacefully dangling on the keys or the phone, somehow meets the inner qualities and desires of its owner. For people who are negatively related to a bunch of randomly dangling bells or sparklers, the keychain book will be the ideal solution. This is a real miniature book, created in a short time, and it can serve many years. To create it, I needed the following tools:
 required the following tools
A4 sheets of paper; a small piece of cardboard; pencil;
ruler; scissors; stationery knife; PVA glue; needle and thread; metal chain; awl or similar tool. The first step is to prepare paper for the future filling of the book, namely the pages. To do this, with a knife and scissors, we crush sheets of white paper into rectangles measuring 3 by 6 centimeters.
By the way,the paper does not have to be white. It all depends on the colors you choose pages. The resulting leaves are folded in half so that you get double pages 3 by 3 centimeters. Group them into small books of three pieces.
 at equal distance
Now, at the fold of each pack, we make holes at an equal distance from each other.
pages have not shifted
I did this procedure in two steps so that the pages did not move.
did not dismiss the page Is the title= the remaining edges and glue
In that part of the spine, which will fall on top of the book, with any sharp object (I used a tool from a sewing machine for cutting threads) we make a small hole and fasten the chain.
attach the chain
The most crucial moment is coming. We connect together the cover and book. To do this, glue the spine of the book on the designated space on the cover. For better attachment, the extreme pages are also glued to the cover.
 glue to the cover
This also solves the problem of open paper seams intended for the cover. Here is the beauty I got.
 I got beauty
Since for the cover I chose ordinary paper, which eventually can wear, I I missed it right on top with PVA glue. When dried, this glue becomes transparent.
 Smart Keychain
Getting Started. I decided to decorate the edges of my book with a volumetric contour of green color. (photo17) In order for the book not to open constantly, I glued pieces of a metal chain to its crusts. Naturally, I did not use PVA and superglue for this action. (Photo 18) That's the beauty that now adorns my keys. Smart Keyring
Smart key ring
 Smart Keychain

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