Smoked chicken drumstick: recipe with photos

Rosy, smoked drumsticks even in the photo seem appetizing. They can easily be bought at any hypermarket, but pay attention to the composition. There is a huge amount of undesirable additives. From all the screens doctors constantly warn that when smoking is mass-produced, a lot of salt is used, which is harmful even for a healthy organism. You can forget about all the troubles if you cook smoked chicken drumsticks in your own smokehouse. Fresh product is pleasant to serve. Chicken legs, cooked without smoke and preservatives, are often used to make soups, salads. The recipe will be useful for housewives who have a cottage living in their own cottage.

Product List

Smoked chicken drumstick is prepared according to the recipe so elementary that the list of ingredients attracts, impresses with simplicity. You will need:
  • 1-1.5 kg of chicken legs;
  • spice in stock;
  • salt.
Chicken leg smoked recipe with a photo
Of the devices must certainly be smokehouse.Do not do without wood chips, firewood or coal.

Smoking a chicken leg at home: a step-by-step guide

Initially, you should make a reservation that you can smoke a chicken leg in a hot and cold way. This recipe uses smoking with hot smoke. It should not be confused with liquid, because the similarity between the two objects is absent. In addition, liquid smoke is not a natural product, which is desirable for everyone who follows food quality. The calf is soaked in water for 5-10 minutes. You can wash the meat right away if you do not have time to wait. It is necessary to remove the remains of fluff, feathers, unnecessary skin from the legs. Smoked chicken drumstick with photo Selection of spices partially influences the taste of smoked chicken drumsticks. Although some believe that the smell of smoke interrupts any seasoning, partially mutes. Favorite spices are collected in a separate bowl. The photo shows that black pepper and curry have been added to the paprika.
Smoked chicken drumstick with a photo
The drumstick makes juice when salted, so the product must be disposed of. After washing, be sure to dry it a little with napkins or hold it on the air.Then the legs are shifted to a convenient dish, filled with spices, salt, as in the photo.
Chicken drumstick smoked recipe with a photo
So that each piece is marinated, you will have to mix shanks. They will salt for 5-6 hours. It is convenient to carry out the procedure late in the evening, if smoking is scheduled to begin in the morning.
Chicken drumstick smoked recipe with a photo
Extra salt, spices will have to be cleaned by rinsing carefully prepared meat. And again it is necessary to dry it before placing in the smokehouse.
Smoked chicken drumstick with a photo
It's time to go to the site, install a smokehouse, fill the box with alder chips. It is necessary to place a tray or a piece of foil on the bottom, unnecessary utensils for collecting fat, otherwise it will burn on sawdust, giving off an unpleasant smell. Firewood is located below.
Chicken drumstick smoked recipe with a photo
Prepared for smoking a shank are unfolded on the grill in an arbitrary order. It is important that there is space between them, as in the photo. From the chips, smoke will rise up, envelop the product evenly.The lid closes on top.
Smoked chicken drumstick with a photo
The process of hot-smoked drumsticks at home lasts about 50-60 minutes. Do not forget to look at the color of the product, lifting the cover. Gradually, a pleasant golden color appears. It determines the readiness of smoked meat.
Smoked chicken drumstick with a photo
When chicken legs are smoked, you can open the lid, hold the meat in the smokehouse for several minutes to ripen, and then spread it on a plate. It is believed that an exposure of 3-4 hours is required before use. However, you want to try immediately, and then enjoy the taste of cold smoked shins. Bon appetit.

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