Snowman in a shirt

Such a cute snowman can be done with a child, giving him most of the work. After all, to make a real volumetric toy for him will be not only interesting, but also informative. We do not use scissors and other sharp objects, and we need a needle only to sew a snowman's buttons and eyes, so creating a toy for the child will be safe. In addition, we know that children are very restless, and they will not sit for a long time over one thing, but the creation of our snowman will take no more than an hour. For the snowman, we need only available tools. I am sure that every needlewoman has some unnecessary remnants of yarn, and we cut out the fabric from an old and unnecessary shirt. For a snowman in a shirt, we will need: a piece of cotton fabric 40 by 40 cm, 3 skeins of yarn of different sizes, strong threads, 2 small buttons and 2 large ones, a deodorant cap, 2 candy wrappers.1.Lay out the fabric and put in the middle of the largest skein of yarn. We gather cloth around it and tie it tightly with a thread.
 necessary for a snowman
2. Next, put a smaller skein at the ends of the fabric. Make sure that the skeins are tied smoothly, otherwise our snowman will turn out to be crooked, which we don’t need at all.
 ball of threads
3. The last little skein is tied into the ends of the fabric.
wrapped clew
4. We cut the ends of the fabric so that they do not hang too much and can completely get into the cap from the deodorant.
5. We sew two buttons to the upper head of the snowman - these will be eyes, and draw a mouth. You can also embroider the mouth with red threads or beads.
 2 balls are tied up
6. We sew more buttons to the lower and middle balls - after all, our snowman is in a shirt.
 we wrap the tangle
7. Making hands of candy wrappers. For this we twist them on one side.In the middle ball we cut small holes and insert our hands.
sew buttons
 bucket on the head
Here our snowman is ready. It can be decorated with a nice scarf, so that it does not freeze in the cold winter. And you can make a snow woman. To do this, cut out from the same fabric, or from any other triangle and tie it on the head instead of a cap like a scarf.
we attach hands
 Snowman in a shirt
In general, the idea of ​​making toys from skeins of yarn appeared long ago. What just do not do master - Christmas toys, animals and even people. Experiment, fantasize, decorate your home and your life!

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