Toy on the Christmas tree "Snowman"

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree with toys has been around for a long time. Recently, handmade toys are especially popular. They can be made of cardboard, felt, cotton or even waste material. And I propose to make a toy on the Christmas tree “Snowman” from an old newspaper and sugar. Interesting? Unusual? Then let's get started! To create the New Year's Snowman we need:
  • Newspaper or white album sheet;
  • Scotch;
  • Scissors;
  • Toothpicks;
  • Glue gun or glue Moment;
  • Sugar;
  • Decor snowman (2 small buttons; 2 small eyes; satin ribbon; a small piece of orange cardboard).
Step 1. Take a small piece of newspaper or a white album sheet. Now we roll a small ball. If the newspaper rolls for a long time, it rolls into a rather dense ball. The size of it depends on how many newspaper pages you use there. It is necessary so to roll, that the ball has turned out really dense (from the album sheet the snowman will turn out more dense, than from the newspaper).We make only three such balls. The first will be big, the second will be medium, the third will be small.
A toy on the Christmas tree Snowman
Step 2. Scotch tape over each ball. This is necessary in order to give them a more rounded and even shape.
Christmas tree toy
Christmas tree toy
Step 3. Now the most interesting part begins. For this we need sugar. Toothpick pierce our smallest ball. It is necessary that he was tightly mounted on a toothpick. We will do this in order to keep us comfortable. Apply glue to the whole ball, it can be done with a glue gun or glue Moment. Then roll the ball in the sugar, it will create the effect that the snowman is made of snow.
Christmas tree toy
Toy on the Christmas tree Snowman
Step 4. Now take our middle and big balls, just like, roll them in sugar. All three balls are connected to each other with the help of toothpicks.It is necessary that the balls are securely fixed to each other. Bottom should be a big ball, then the middle one and, finally, the smallest one.
Christmas tree toy
Christmas tree toy
Toy on the Christmas tree Snowman
Step 5. It remains to decorate the Snowman. Take the satin ribbon and wrap around the neck of the snowman - it will be a scarf. Next, glue 2 small eyes, they can be replaced by small beads. We also paste two buttons on the body.
Christmas tree toy
Step 6. Make a loop from a thin rope so that you can hang the snowman on the Christmas tree, attach it to Snowman's head. It remains to make a nose. From a small piece of orange cardboard we will make a small cone and glue it. If you wish, you can make a snowman with a hat, for example, a small hat or a bucket. Imagine!
Christmas tree toy
Well, that's it, the snowman is ready!
Toy on the Christmas tree Snowman
Such a wonderful toy will certainly adorn the New Year tree,and sugar will create the effect that the snowman is made of snow. And if you involve children in this work, they will be absolutely delighted!

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