Solar lampwork decorations by Elizabeth Johnson

Glass is one of the most popular and at the same time contradictory materials in the world. Due to the fact that it melts easily, you can create the most subtle and beautiful forms from it. Often it is from glass that you can make real masterpieces of art. A striking proof of this are the creations of designer Elizabeth Johnson - mouth-watering berries and fruits from glass, but so similar to the real ones!

Elizabeth Johnson (Elizabeth Johnson) was born and raised in New Hampshire (New England), and now lives in Colorado (USA). Elizabeth grew up in nature, which gave her the opportunity to develop an interest in flowers, leaves and berries. In addition, her father was a gardener, and there was always a lot of fruit and berries in the house. Elizabeth liked to look at them, touch them, smell them and, of course, they did.

In addition to berries, the future designer has always been very fond of, as it may seem, glass. Once during a trip to Murano, Elizabeth saw insects made of glass and was so inspired by the potential of this material that she decided to use it in her work.In addition, as it turned out, no one in the world had made realistic berries out of glass before her.

The first decoration of Elizabeth was a glass raspberry, which turned out so natural that I wanted to eat it! Then she made some more raspberries, hung them on a wire, and began to wear them like a necklace. People stopped her on the street and asked how she managed to wear raspberries without messing up her blouse? It was then that the designer realized that she was on the right path and created a whole line of berry glass decorations.

The technology by which Elizabeth creates jewelry from glass beads is called lampwork. Usually the glass is immersed in the flame of an oxygen-propane torch. The working temperature range of Elizabeth ranges from 1000 to 1700 degrees Celsius. At the top of this range, glass can become either liquid or honey. By the bottom of the working range, glass begins to harden and develop plastic qualities in the same way as clay or soft wax.

Elizabeth does all the work by hand, creating incredible beauty in small pieces. There are no two identical ornaments in her collection. The variation of the surface color is achieved by carefully controlled temperature of heating and cooling, by mixing several colors of glass,sometimes you have to resort to glass enamel.

Lampwork decorations from Elizabeth are sold in galleries throughout the country. Many of them have found a home for berry lovers, both in Moscow and in South Africa.

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