Pronounce, but not at work

Pronounce, but not at workAnd you speak out at work

If you have someone to complain about the fate, complain, but do not even think of pouring out the soul of the staff or friends of your foe. Your words will reach the offender, which will only worsen the situation.


The car - a great place where you can give vent to the senses, just so that it does not affect the safety of traffic. While you are getting to work, say out loud everything you can't say in the office. It sometimes helps.


Try to put yourself in the place of your opponent. Maybe he also applied for this position, maybe you are just younger and more beautiful. There is a possibility that they are afraid of you and therefore they will be wary at first. Or maybe the opponent is just a conflicted person. In any case, it remains only to listen and try to find a compromise, trying to protect your opinion from other people's influence.


Useful tips. Most of us talk a lot, but they do not listen much to what others say. Here are some tips to help learn to listen.


Arrange the setting.Turn off the phone, turn off the computer and sit down facing the other party. If your colleagues are in the habit of looking into your office every now and then, ask the other person to go to a conference room or cafe if it is empty at that time.


Choose a neutral position. If you and the other person are sitting opposite each other at a table in the conference room, then you are in the same position. If you are sitting at your desk, and the interlocutor is in a visitor chair, then you unwittingly put him in the position of a petitioner. For an important and trusting conversation, this is unacceptable, since the interlocutor will involuntarily take a defensive position.


Useful tips for every day. Try to get out of my head your own opinion on the subject under discussion. Your task is to listen and understand the interlocutor's opinion, without comparing it with yours. Often during a conversation, we do not delve into the words of the interlocutor, because we only think about how we will object. If you want to react to some words of the interlocutor, take notes while he speaks. (Just explain to him what exactly you are doing and why, otherwise your interlocutor might think that you give him marks.)


Encourage the person to speak fully. Nod your head, ask to continue, do not interrupt. Wait for your interlocutor to say what he wants. You must fully understand his point of view, even if it does not coincide with yours. After that, you can begin a constructive discussion of the issue and reach a compromise.

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