The spectacular peacock feather pattern - the richness of colors in one motif

If you are not indifferent to the beautiful paradise birds, then this pattern will be a real gift for you. The “Peacock Feather” pattern is simple in design and looks good in both monophonic and multicolored versions.

Recently, the openwork pattern has become increasingly popular among needlewomen due to its simplicity and versatility.

Start knitting with a chain of 5 VP. Tie a ring closed in a chain of RLS, then tie at once 2/3 of the circle of RLS, and 1/3 of CCH. Change the thread. 1/2 to tie the sc, right and left, two SSN and four CC2N. The outer contour is again tied with the next color Scs, in the arch between CC2N knit Cs, Cs, two Cs2h, Cs, Cs.

With the help of a bright and colorful pattern "Peacock Feather" you can revive the interior of your own home, adding colors and oriental motifs to the familiar atmosphere.

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