Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakesWhat are your spelling errors?

Believe it or not, believe it or not, but spelling mistakes can lead to ruin of business relations. Customers always notice them in your letters!


The vice president of the agricultural company appointed one employee as a sales representative. Suddenly, the company began to lose customers. The vice president asked one of them what the reason for the termination of the contract was, and found out that the business letters of the new sales representative were simply spelling and grammatical errors. The client felt that since the sales representative did not consider it important to correct errors in the letter, he could also treat more serious things with disdain. The chief talked with the subordinate and sent him to the courses of learning the native language.


Most spelling errors help to fix the computer, but you cannot fully rely on it. Anyway, a trained eye is better than any computer program.


Most people find grammar boring.And it's natural - what's so funny about it? But if you want to write correctly, you need to know the grammar. Making grammatical errors, you sign for their lack of education and negligence.


One attorney received a letter from the prosecutor and found about ten grammatical errors on two pages. Without knowing the prosecutor personally, he decided that it would not be difficult to win this case. And no mistake! The prosecutor did not prepare for the trial properly and lost. How could a lawyer know this in advance? Very simple: the prosecutor did not bother to correct the mistakes in the letter, and it was very likely that he treated other things with the same negligence.


Of course, not everyone knows grammar well, but some know, but you can't know who you are writing, know-it-all or ignorant.


Poor grammar makes a bad impression.


Useful tips for all yes, to make a letter, have to sweat. Do not worry! The following are examples of common errors along with the correct options.


If the subject in the sentence is used in the singular, the predicate must also be in the singular.Accordingly, if the subject is in the plural, then the predicate must be in the plural. This rule also applies when there are secondary parts between the main parts of the sentence.


Wrong:The description of the duties of the shipper in the partner company is not worked out in detail.


Correctly:The description of the duties of the shipper in the partner company is not worked out in detail.


In this example, the subject is “description.” Subject to “each,” “everyone,” “no one,” and “someone always requires a single number.


Wrong:Everyone has their own opinions. Correct: Everyone has his own opinion.


The tense form of the verb in the narrative (past, present or future tense) should not change if the reason for the substitution is not clear.


Wrong:In your complaint, you mention three cases of bad treatment with you: (1) our secretary talks rudely with you; (2) our shipping department has not notified you that the execution of your order is delayed; (3) Our representative never answered your calls.


Correctly:In your complaint, you mentioned three cases of bad treatment with you: (1) our secretary spoke rudely with you; (2) Our shipping department did not notify you thatthat the execution of your order is postponed; (3) our representative has never answered your calls.

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