Spicy adjika beet for the winter

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
2 starsSunflower oil30 millilitersBeet700 gramsSweet pepper500 gramsGarlic100 gramsGround paprika2 tbsp.Ground black pepper1 tbsp.1.5 tbspBrown sugar50 gramsVinegar 9%30 milliliters
  • Servings:

Accelerate the slow metabolism, speed up the dietary effect and make the body thoroughly cleaned. Spicy adjika from beets for the winter can cope with the most complex issues of nutrition. Cook!


Wash beets, peel, cut, so that it was easy to scroll through a meat grinder.

Remove seeds and membranes from sweet pepper. Prepare the garlic.

Scroll vegetables through a small nozzle of the meat grinder.

Add the vegetable mass to the pan, add salt, sugar, spices, aromatic sunflower oil and vinegar - bring to the boil and add anise stars at this moment. Then reduce the heat to moderate and cook adjika for 40–45 minutes.

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