Spinach pancakes with red caviar and watercress

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Wheat flour (top grade)1 stackSpinach150 gramsBaking powder1 tspMilk1 stackCream150 milliliterschicken egg2 pieces)Unsalted butter60 grams1 tspSugar1 tbsp.Olive oil50 milliliters
For filing
Red caviarWatercress

Bright, delicious and useful. These pancakes will decorate any even festive meal. They owe their magic color to spinach - the king of all fresh greens.


Sift the wheat flour and mix with baking powder.

Spinach (if fresh) cut arbitrarily, simmer in butter until soft - cool. You can use frozen.

Beat eggs with milk, cream, add spinach, salt, sugar and beat again.

Add flour to portions of creamy spinach mass, beat until complete. Add olive oil into the finished pancake dough and let it stand for 5-7 minutes.

Fry pancakes in a well-heated pan.

Grease the finished pancakes with butter and cover with a plate on top to �rest�. Each pancake folded in half and roll tight tube. Serve with red caviar (optional) and watercress.

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