Spiral bead of beads

Spiral harness from beads
There are many different types of beads from beads and they all differ from each other in their shape and execution. This kind of harness is called spiral. It is woven fairly simply and can serve as a daily decoration on both the neck and on the arm. Its main advantage is the ease of weaving with which any novice craftsman can cope. A flagellum is woven on one line. In order to weave a spiral bundle we need:
  • Fishing line or monofilament;
  • A needle for beads;
  • Beads of three different sizes.
[justify] We collect eight beads on a fishing line. The three red ones that come first will serve us as the basis of the product, so their size should be slightly larger than black and white.
 string beads
With the end of the line,which recruited the first eight beads, we pass through the first three beads.
 string beads
As a result, a ring is formed.
 string beads
Recruit six more beads.
 stringing beads
With the end of the line we pass through three red beads, while sa skip first one.
stringing beads
You should have two little little rings.
Spiral string of beads
In this way, the set you need to weave to the desired length. It is necessary to ensure that when weaving the second ringlet, it falls on the first, third on the second, otherwise it will not be possible to form a spiral.
 Spiral string of beads
After the desired length has been reached, you need to go to the final part - the design of the final type of product. To do this, you need to take a new piece of fishing line or monofilament,and pass it through the largest central bead of the first ringlet.
 Spiral bead
The right end of the line to go on the same side through a large bead next ringlet, the second end of the line to skip through the same bead just to the left.
 Spiral bundle of beads
This way you should connect all parts between themselves.
 Spiral plaited bead
For this kind of flagellum even a clasp is not needed, it will look great if you just tie two edges of the fishing line by myself.

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