Spray Painting for Kids

Unusual drawing techniques for children make it possible to develop individuality in them, to teach self-expression, to reveal the abilities of children to the full. Often we unknowingly suppress creativity in children, teaching them to do everything in a pattern.

The kid begins to portray his vision of the world on paper, and we immediately try to explain to him that he is doing it wrong, instructing him: “the dog is drawn like this, and the house is like this” ...

drawing rain

drawing by rain

Of course, all adults, both parents and teachers, do this for the best reasons, but the result is that children’s activities begin to wear character, and not all babies can act on these patterns.

Therefore, teaching non-traditional methods of working with the material must necessarily be included in the cycle of classes with children. If you demonstrate to the child a non-standard approach to the habitual occupation, you can activate his imagination, and, perhaps, such a child will come up with even more interesting methods.He will act in accordance with what his own imagination dictates, and such work will bring more results than the ability to create patterned images. Teaching children a variety of ways to work with materials for creativity helps to develop their interest in classes, teach them to think outside the box.

An interesting drawing technique is drawing with splashes. The kids are very fond of this process itself, and the unpredictability of the results.

Nothing special is needed to conduct the lesson, it’s enough to prepare:

  • the album sheet. It is even better to use a sheet for watercolors and sketches, as it is less soaked;
  • water-colors;
  • two rather thick brushes;
  • non-sprinkler cup or ordinary plastic a jar (you can use a glass container if the baby is neat and does not break it);
  • water.
     we need paints, brushes, paper

    we need paints, brushes, paper

We offer you the following version of the class:

  1. Encourage your child to draw on a white sheet of colored circles, as though on a table scattered peas.At the same time we teach your child the technique of drawing even circles with a brush: starting from the middle, move the brush in circular movements, gradually increasing the diameter of the circle.
     draw circles

    draw circles

     first we drew circles

    first we drew circles

  2. Take the second brush, wet it with clean water and sprinkle over the sheet with the painted circles. In those places where droplets of our "rain" get, you get a divorce.

     unusual drawing techniques for children

    unusual drawing techniques for children

  • Thus, we draw unusual patterns on colorful circles.
  • Consider our drawings, choose the most beautiful circles, fantasize what the resulting patterns look like.
  • Try to draw circles of different colors and decorate them with rain patterns, compare the result.
 drawing by spray

drawing by spray

Such a technique can be applied in decorative and applied children's creativity, for example, to paint a paper plate.You can make a multi-colored “rain” using tinted water, in which case it will be interesting to see how the colors of the droplets and circles mix together. Perhaps your baby will come up with even more unusual options for using this method of drawing, the main thing is to give him a boost.

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