Stability is important in an electrical circuit

This phenomenon can be described as a current, which over time tends to vary both in magnitude and in direction. But for consumers it is important that they come to them in the form of electricity, used for practically everything that makes modern life a life. And in order to supply it constantly, it is necessary to purchase an effective device. And in this rely on the assistance of experts.

Buy the UPS in the rack offers online store Power Electro. This is one of the most famous companies in the CIS, which has mastered the direction of selling electrical equipment. Her team took care of a wide range! Uninterruptible power supplies AC - from the best manufacturers.

Wide choice for any application

UPS rack (or rack) are manufactured by a number of manufacturers, known in their industry around the world. Among the titles you will find:

  • ARS;
  • Eaton;
  • Delta;
  • Legrand;
  • General Electric;
  • Ablerex and others.

Consider an example. Let them serve as a UPS from General Electric GE GT. It is manufactured by Digital Energy, which is under the patronage of the General Electric brand. This rack-mounted UPS refers to devices whose output voltage does not depend on the input. The class is referred to as VFI. The purpose of a typical IPTFT is to protect any equipment from interference, voltage drops up to its complete disappearance. Parallel operation with other uninterruptible power supplies of alternating current is possible. This improves system performance.

Remote control is carried out behind the source of the GT GT. This is done through a special fee. The UPS connects to the computer via the RS232 port. Batteries are easily tested, which allows them to extend their life. If necessary, it is simply replaced. Comfortable for the user is the fact that the UPS of this model is not only installed in the rack. It is really placed on the floor. The device has found application in ensuring uninterrupted power supply of security systems, telecommunications equipment, servers, technological machines and other things.

Another interesting example of a UPS in a rack is the Eaton 9PX. It has a dual voltage converter. It has a rather unique combination - with high energy efficiency, it produces increased power, which will not necessarily please those users who regularly think about profitability.

To display the operating information, the device has a liquid crystal display. Used for parallel operation. A bypass is included in the package - it supplies the load with voltage that is filtered from the network, bypassing the FBTF. Very convenient and practical. Turning on this mode, you can repair the device and even replace its components. It connects to a computer, which allows you to track the status of work. This is done through the high-quality display included in the design.

Reliable, profitable and safe

All models of uninterruptible power supplies AC, mentioned in the previous block, you will find in the online store Power Electro. The list of famous brands, the positive properties of one or another IBPT and other information can be listed indefinitely.But all the offers with illustrations and detailed descriptions are concentrated in one directory, which simplifies the selection.

When forming the range in Power Electro, professional approach prevails. Therefore, any requests are taken into account. In the catalog you will find types of uninterruptible power supplies of alternating current, differing in device and principle of operation:

  1. Equipped with a dual converter. It works in such a way that when a central electricity supply is turned off, it switches to an autonomous supply with no time limit. It is used even on powerful production systems, which makes it effective in different enterprises.
  2. Backup - designed for home computers. In the absence of voltage in the network, the devices are taken offline. It can last within 15 minutes. This time is enough to correctly shut down the applications and save the necessary information.
  3. Interactive - they have a voltage regulator in their design and protect the equipment from its drops.

IPTFR in a rack or any other modifications have passed the necessary certification.Differ in speed and high efficiency.

Technique accompanies everyone today. And it requires careful treatment. Every user's reasonable desire is to keep it in working condition as long as possible. And in this invaluable assistant will serve as an uninterruptible power supply AC. Its cost in comparison with the benefit is completely small. In addition, ITBT helps to save information from losses. And in some cases it is an extremely expensive resource. This circumstance certainly increases the value of the IBPT, without raising the price.

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