Stained-glass butterfly

One of the favorite and common decorations of sleeping rooms and living rooms are butterflies. Beautiful butterflies can be created from old plastic bottles and painted to your liking or in a harmonious combination with the color of the wallpaper, home furnishings.
 Stained Glass Butterfly
For crafts, you will need: 1. Plastic bottle. 2. Special paints - acrylic. 3. Sharp small scissors. 4. Beads and wire. 5. A sheet of paper with a marker or a small butterfly pattern. 6. Hot-melt adhesive.
Stained Glass Butterfly
At the first stage you need to draw and cut a butterfly. It can be any size, but the wingspan should not be larger than the circumference of the bottle.
 Stained Glass Butterfly
Cut a narrow part from the bottle, you only need a smooth part.
Stained Glass Butterfly
Using a sticky base, fasten a butterfly on the inside of a plastic bottle.Try to straighten all the wings so that the halo of the insect is easier to outline and paint.

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