Star "Game of Thrones" Peter Dinkleyd will play Rumpelstiltshena

Post by Peter Dinklage (@peterdinklage)10 Jul 2018 at 9:34 PDT

The script will deal with the British-American writer Patrick Ness - author of the novel "The Voice of a Monster," which was also filmed two years ago. In the original, Rumplestiltskin is an evil dwarf who spins straw and turns it into gold. He helps the daughter of the miller to marry the king, and in return asks her first-born, but the girl refuses to fulfill his request, and as a result she manages to outwit Rumpelstiltshen. It is not yet known whether the audience will see a classic fairy tale or the film's action will take place in the modern world, but with Peter's participation the success of the picture is exactly ensured. He will also act as one of the producers of the film. We are waiting for news!

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