The star "SashaTanya" told how to be a goddess in 40 years

You'd be surprised, but you can eat six times a day ...

Valentina Rubtsova, Tanya from the popular sitcom, couldn’t lose weight for a long time after the birth of her daughter ... And if during the shooting the costume designers easily solved the problem by competently selecting the dresses, then there was no waiting for her in the bathing suit's life. But now, Valentine certainly wiped her nose to all envious and ill-wishers.

And not only the whole summer was wearing a bikini on the Black Sea coast, but also discouraged by the admission that “it’s not starving.”

Photo: @yalav

“Until now, questions continue to come about my food. So, every morning on an empty stomach drink 1 liter of warm water. We always drink 2.5 - 3.5 liters per day. Important: water is always pure. Coffee, tea, juices are not considered to be food, ”Rubtsova shares with Instagram subscribers. - For breakfast, we eat cereals, berries and fruits. You can pancakes, but not more than three pieces. At the second breakfast - fruit. Lunch consists of hearty soups and vegetable stews.But the alternative to bread is greens. At the snack again fruit. And finally, for dinner - any baked or boiled meat, except pork, or fish, and for garnish - vegetables with greens. ”

It is curious that at the same time, Valentine allowed subscribers to not count calories and even eat fruit as a dessert in the evening. In case the unbearable wanted sweetie.

However, in one actress is still deaf. And the word did not let slip about the sport. But Valentina with her 6-year-old daughter Sophia regularly practices yoga, and in the morning they both get up for exercise.

It is curious that Rubtsova is far from the only one of the stars who has lost much weight by the summer. All three hot months pampered with hot photos with Anfisa Chekhova, Anna Semenovich, Anna Sedokova, Alik Smekhova and Lyubov Tolkalina. Well, it remains to not forget about diets and rainy autumn evenings, but not to seize the stress of torrential rain with chocolate.

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