Stone games

Games with stones - the topic is interesting and multifaceted, like life itself. You can collect various images from stones and even invent interesting stories.

In the future, we all want to see our child as a cultured, developed personality with a broad outlook and delicate taste. Lay the foundation for these qualities should be at an early age. And it’s rather simple to do this by working with the child using the Montessori system.

At an early age, the aesthetic development of children comes down to an acquaintance with the beauty of the world around:

  • the ability to see amazing moments in it
  • for familiarization with famous works of great masters.
 images with stones images with stones

When a small child is constantly surrounded by the beautiful, he absorbs all this imperceptibly for himself, which affects the forms tion of his personality.

But in order that the child was able to understand the beauty of nature and artistic works, it is necessary to learn to see things more abstractly and use your imagination.Methods of development of children in this direction are very diverse. We suggest you try one of them: to work out with the kid, using ordinary stones.

Game with stones

You can collect stones during a walk with a child on the shore of a lake, sea or river. Choose stones of different sizes with a smooth surface. At home, wash them - and here you have a developmental material that has many possibilities.

Practice your baby in creating different images from stones. First, lay out simple forms that are easy to perceive: a circle, a sun, a house — something that is understandable to a child. Let him join you, create something of his own. You can play the game: guess who laid out what stones.

Stone games 1

Games with stones 2

Gradually, the images become more complicated. You can complement them with some objects: for example, a little man laid out of stones should be given a newspaper or flower in her hands - something that is nearby. Let the child himself come up with stone images, and you can guess what he did.

Games with stones 3

If use small stones, then at the same time will develop and small motor skills of the baby.Such games are good to hold while relaxing on the shore of a reservoir with a rocky shore or walking in the yard if there are pebbles there.

Playing with stones 4

Being engaged in this way, the baby learns to see the unusual in the combination of quite ordinary objects. And in the future he will certainly be able to notice the amazing and beautiful where many others indifferently pass by.

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