String Bracelet

Little girls also want to be beautiful. They secretly climb into her mother's box and turn into little women. But it is better when they have their own treasures. They may not be precious, a little primitive, made of scrap materials, but made independently or with my mother's help. To make a bracelet, we will need: • system (drip);• scissors; • threads of two colors (beige and pale blue were used in this paper); • gypsy needle.
For making a bracelet

Stages of the creative process of making a bracelet for a little girl: 1. The system is cut into fragments of 1.5 cm (the length of the parts can be changed if desired). It should be about 40 pieces. The amount depends on the arm grip.
 cut into fragments
2. Next, string all the parts on a string. If the thread is too thin, it can be folded in half.The tube should be filled.
 we string all the details
3. Now we take a thread of a different color and thread it into the detail towards the end of the beige thread.
 thread in detail
4. We put the fragments together and zigzag the thread through all the parts one by one.
 Add fragments
5. Slowly we stretch the thread of a different color through the details, in the process we pull up the fragments to lie flat.
 Slowly stretch the thread
6. So we move, until all the tubes, strung on a beige thread. Do not forget to try on. The bracelet should not hang out. But it should be noted that it stretches.
 until they run out
7. When all the parts are strung together, we cut off the excess thread and tie the knots tightly. To make the product look more aesthetic, you can stretch the ends through the tubes, thus hiding them.
 cut the excess thread
8.The bracelet for the little girl is ready.
 Bracelet from tubes
9. And so our product looks on hand.
You can also make a bracelet from threads of the same color and decorate it with beads to match or multi-colored. The end result depends on your and children's imagination. Do not be afraid to create and experiment.

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