Stylish and simple quilted carpet blanket

Materials for the project:

  • Sintepon canvas with a density of 200-300 g / m² or holofiber on the size of a blanket
  • The fabric is twice the size of the blanket with the addition of 10 cm over the entire circumference of the sheet to the seams and the volume of the filler
  • Pattern sheet on pattern paper
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors.

A sheet with a template is cut from the cushioning material. On the selected fabric, you need to paint a sheet, and around it you need to make an additional 10 cm for seam allowances and bulk spacer material.

Put the pieces of fabric face up on each other, fasten with tailors' pins and sew on a typewriter, leaving an unstitched “window” of about 40 cm. Turn the resulting case upside down and iron out. Now you can insert the filler inside, gently leveling it and pinning it around the circumference of the sheet.

Now you can gash the left “window” by bending the material inwards and trying to pick up the strip as well. After that, adjust the typewriter (with walking foot) to a stitch length of 4 mm.

The time has come for the most creative part of the project: stitching the veins of the sheet. It all depends on the design you choose, but you need to remember that the lines for the veins will keep the filler from being knocked off by lumps during washing, and this especially applies to the padding polyester. Therefore, it is desirable to make very long streaks, or make a line around the entire circumference of the sheet, departing 3-10 cm from the edge.

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