Stylist tips: 20 fashion items with photo print

Photos on the fabric - the hit of the season. You can safely wear a reproduction of a painting on your chest or buy an umbrella with a view of your favorite city. We choose new things together with the chief stylist, the host of the program “Reboot” on TNT Lina Dembikova.

Clothing designers picked up two trends: logomania and simplicity. Now everyone loves comfort and brightness. So tops and simple straight dresses with an unusual photo print meet the main fashion requirements.

Such things are a great addition to the basic wardrobe. Even a simple combination - jeans plus a jacket - can get a completely different mood due to the bright T-shirt with the image. Moreover, T-shirts can be bought much more often than jackets or trousers.

It is better to give preference to abstract drawings, rather than pictures of girls, brands or specific items: they quickly lose their relevance. This fall there will be a trend print in the style of “newspaper clippings” - a combination of different fonts and abstract illustrations.Things with a photographic image require special care; instead of an iron, it is better to use a steamer.

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