Sugar helper for all occasions. Unusual ways of using it

Unbelievable but true! It turns out we know little about the benefits of sugar and use it mainly in cooking. Meanwhile, the range of application of this product, undeservedly proclaimed "white death", is much wider. Having learned what ordinary sugar is capable of, you will begin to treat it more loyally.

And this is all ordinary sugar!

Sugar is a great neutralizer. Missed through a coffee grinder after coffee or other spices, it does not absorb not only the smell, but also the color. A nice bonus will be powdered sugar, which will always find a worthy use.

With sugar, it is easy to remove grass stains. Suffice it to wet the stain, cover it with sugar and leave for an hour. After this it is necessary to wash the thing in normal mode.

Getting rid of the hands of engine lubrication is not so easy. Even the soap is such a task not under force. But any butter, mixed with sugar, it is easy to do.It is enough just to rub it in your hands, and then wash it off with water. In addition, such a peeling for hands is an excellent tool.

If you powdered sugar just made up lips and, after waiting a little, just lick it - lipstick will last longer.

A mixture of sugar with olive oil will become a magic wand in the case when the lipstick does not fit well. It is necessary to sustain it on lips only 30 seconds.

You do not eat spicy just because you can not tolerate the effect of breathing the dragon? There is a way out - a spoon of sugar in the mouth. The irritation of the mucosa will disappear in a moment. But to swallow sugar is not necessary, so that weight gain does not threaten you. Similarly, the effect of sugar on the mucous membrane and burns from hot drinks. A spoonful of sugar in the language instantly takes away the pain.

Sugar - an excellent feed for cut flowers. With it, you can not only extend the life of the bouquet, but also return it to the former freshness. It is used not only by itself, but also in combination with vodka or vinegar, stopping the growth of bacteria. 3 tablespoons of sugar will need 2 tablespoons of vinegar or a few drops of vodka.

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