Summer 2017: the best wedge shoes

Summer wedge shoes for 2017: photos of new products

Among fashionable tankettes in 2017, this type of footwear, like traditional summer shoes, is quite rare - more and more sandals, sneakers and half boots. However, some famous designers still presented a couple of interesting models. In the fashion house Prada decided not to bother and make the top of the shoes the same color as the platform. Shoes with open side parts are made in creamy white and aluminum shades. Look at the photo of new products of the latest models of summer shoes on the wedge - among the styles there is an option for every occasion:

The famous brand Kenzo made a bet on shocking and demonstrated a line of red and black shoes on a slightly rough platform. The Santoni company and the designer Pierre Hardy independently created charming perforated shoes in light shades diluted with color inserts.In both cases, the result was quite feminine, although Pierre Hardy has a zipper on the back of the shoe, and Santoni has a lacing on the front.Lovers of the classics may not despair - the photo of the new shoes on the wedge of 2017 demonstrates more versatile options, for example, black suede shoes with rhinestone appliqué.


In 2017, wedge sandals are presented on a wide scale on all world podiums. Many designers have decided to limit themselves to the most concise top and abundantly decorate the sole itself. So did Nicholas Kirkwood, having designed a pair of color nude with a bright provocative star under the heel. Rupert Sanderson decorated the metallic platform of their soft blue shoes with exquisite carvings, and Charlotte Olympia made denim sandals with lacing more original thanks to rhinestones and rivets on a high sole.Another model from Charlotte - maroon sandals on the platform, richly decorated with the fringe of the same color. Ralph Lauren has created a model on a platform decorated with straw weaving, and the top of this pair is stylized as snake skin. Bright and memorable models in rich shades were seen in the collections of Anna Sui, Dries van Noten, Sophia Webster, Gio Diev. Designers played with the style of the top, color combinations, prints, using even fur inserts to decorate summer tankettes. A variety of models provides the widest choice for the modern woman of fashion.

Other fashionable wedge shoes

Fashionable wedge shoes for the summer - it's not just sandals. No less relevant and other options, for example, loved by all the snickers on a high continuous soles - today women of fashion do not ask themselves what to wear such shoes. The wide range of lightweight ankle boots, booties and boots on the platform is impressive - there are perforated leather, delicate satin, traditional denim. Wedge sandals for summer with high tops - an elegant option for images with mini skirts and shorts. If your legs are far from ideal, but you can’t give up on a short skirt, you can cover the problem area with summer boots on a solid sole, while the legs will feel quite comfortable.

Stars prefer the wedge

Even those ladies, on whom all the attention of the public is fixed, can not wear out with heels and often prefer shoes on a solid platform. Paris Hilton wears black sandals on a platform with a straw weave, and Gwen Stefani complements the image with a black trouser suit with ankle boots in a bold leopard print.Stars prefer a comfortable and stylish wedge for both casual style and evening dresses.

Heidi Klum just wins elegance and femininity in black wicker shoes, and Dita von Teese loves light green sandals with interlacing textile ribbons on the ankle. Megan Fox was seen in cork shoes, and Eva Longoria managed to make the perfect set of sandals and dresses in shades of khaki. Photo wedge sandals says that the stars are not far behind fashion, at the same time preferring comfortable shoes, while away from the red carpet.

The photo of the tankettes of 2017 is a delight for the eyes of stunted beauties. Now you should not suffer with heels to be in trend - choose stylish shoes that do not harm your health.

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