SUNLIGHT “Lines of Life” bracelets - decoration with meaning

In the spring you want to smile and love with all your heart! New womensilver bracelets "Life lines"Sunlight with a red thread comfort fit, as well as the most motivating and fashionable hashtags will help you in all new endeavors! They will remind you of the emotions that you want to give to others and keep in your soul at any time of the year.# Smile # love # dream- choose one own slogan for this spring or collect all SUNLIGHT bracelets with a red thread with meaning! Catch below the photo of Sanlayt's line of life silver bracelets: how cute they are, do you agree?

Photo posted by SUNLIGHT Brilliant (@sunlightbrilliant)Mar 29 2016 at 11:07 PDT

The red thread symbolizes courage, courage, generosity and love, the blue thread - loyalty, honesty and perfection, white thread - purity and nobility

Photo posted by SUNLIGHT Brilliant (@sunlightbrilliant)Mar 29 2016 at 11:03 PDT

The collection will be available in SUNLIGHT stores already in April. You can buy bracelets first at the Eurovision pre-party 2016 (April 3 in the “Izvestia Hall”),official sponsorwhich became SUNLIGHT.

And by the way, another important addition - bracelets are designed not only to please their owners, but also to help those who need it. Buying these jewelry, you help children, with each purchase a percentage is deducted inCharity Foundation "Life Line".

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