Suspended cassette ceilings and their installation

Metal cassette ceilings are by far the most high-tech type of ceiling decoration. Cassettes are square or rectangular panels. To give the ceiling a more spectacular appearance, you can use perforated panels. The great popularity of this type of finish is explained not only by its excellent appearance, but also by the optimal price-quality ratio. And also the fact thatinstallation of a suspended ceilingis easy and simple.

Numerous positive features allow us to call this type of suspended ceilings the best. Among the positive qualities are the following:

  • attractive design;
  • a variety of colors and textures;
  • functionality;
  • durability;
  • fire safety;
  • use in damp rooms;
  • ease of installation and disassembly;
  • easy repair.

In addition, these designs perfectly mask all the defects of the base ceiling and various communications, including air conditioning and ventilation.

How are cassette metal ceilings assembled? Like all ceiling systems, cassette ceilings have their own characteristics. Installation of cassette ceilings consists of several stages. First you need to install around the perimeter of the room wall corners and L-shaped guides. When installing, leave enough space for lighting equipment, fans and air conditioning systems.

Next, you need to calculate the number of suspensions. Before the suspension system is installed, it is necessary to make the layout of the walls of the room. After the installation of the suspension, proceed to the installation of the main and intermediate guides. Insert intermediate guides with an interval equal to the width of the cassettes. After this, you can proceed to install the ceiling panels. Begin mounting the cassette suspended ceiling from the middle of the room.When working you need to ensure that the plates fit snugly, without gaps. After all the whole cassettes are installed, begin to mount those that are adjacent to the walls. They must be cut beforehand. Last mounted tape, located in the penultimate row. To make it fit well, you need to knock lightly on it.

For cluster suspended ceilings, it is preferable to choose spotlights. They look very impressive and allow you to illuminate the room well.

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