Installing a suspended ceiling

The problem of the upper floors is often chronic leakage from the ceiling. In this case, a leak on the kitchen ceiling became an obsessive nightmare for a young family.
 Installing a suspended ceiling
As a result, it was decided to hang the plastic ceiling with built-in lights and forget about the annoying problem once and forever. The first and most difficult procedure in the installation of the ceiling is the fixing of metal hangers. For this, a perforator or a powerful drill punches holes in the ceiling into which anchors-nails are inserted, the length of which is 60 mm. Metal hangers are fixed on these dowel nails.
 Installation of a suspended ceiling
Suspensions are placed in parallel strips. The distance between hangers is 60 cm.
 Installation of a suspended ceiling
When the suspensions are fixed throughout the ceiling area, to the suspensions,metal screws screw the wooden slats in size 25x40 mm.  Installing a false ceiling
Securing the slats, you need to make sure that they are all in the same plane, you need to use the building level.
Installation of a suspended ceiling
By carefully measuring the length, we cut plastic panels of the right size. This is done with a sharp mechanical knife.
Installation of a false ceiling
Attach panels to rails, a construction stapler.
 Installing a suspended ceiling
In places where fixtures will be built in, you need to cut holes of the necessary size and withdraw electrical wires, pre-isolating the ends.  Installing a suspended ceiling When all the panels are already securely fixed, install the lights and insert them into the prepared holes .
Suspended installationceiling
Now the ceiling is almost ready and looks quite different. On we fix the perimeter to the white mounting glue ceiling plinth.
 Installing a suspended ceiling
Now the ceiling is ready and looks great.

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