Swarovski Crystal Beaded Earrings

Earrings Swarovski bead crystals- bead workshop, we make beautiful Swarovski Crystal "Rainbow" from beads and wire.

Materials and tools:

  1. pliers, round nose pliers, pliers;
  2. 4 plates with 3 holes;
  3. 2 schwenzes
  4. 2 long pins with an eye;
  5. pins-studs - 4 - medium, 2 - long;
  6. 18 rectangular beads;
  7. 6 crystal beads.

Step 1

Take 6 crystal beads and 6 pins with a stud. We pass the pin through the holes in the bead, with the help of round pliers, bend the “eye” on the other side and make a couple of turns around the pin, bite off the excess. We repeat these steps with 6 beads - this will be the lower part of the earring.

Step 2

Let's start making the main part of the earring. We will pass through the plate with holes 2 pins-studs along the edges and a pin with an eye in the middle. Then on each pin we put on 3 rectangular beads and close the second plate with holes.We bite off the excess part from the pins and bend the ears with round pliers, just don’t close them.

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