Sweet Cake

What is a birthday present for a child who has everything? Of course, something tasty and unusual. Today I surprised my friend's son with an unusual edible and game cake. So, for making such a gift cake you will need: • Small juice packs. • Soap bubbles. • Chewing gum • A sheet of cardboard, corrugated or colored paper, stationery rubber bands or ribbons, an adhesive tape or a stapler. In fact, you can change the ingredients of the cake on your own. On the Internet you can find options with chocolates, toys, ordinary chewing gums and chupa chups. I made a cake out of sweets for an adult guy of 8 years old, so bubbles and gum for adults were used. For kids, you can use all kinds of kinder, marmalades and other goodies. I’ll say right away that this cake was disassembled, drunk and used to make bubbles in seconds.
 cake made from sweets
1. First step.On the tray, arrange the bags of juice and fasten them with an elastic band (you can use a simple ribbon).
2. For the strength of the structure I put inside a ring of cardboard wrapped with corrugated paper for beauty.
Cake from sweets
3. The second layer of cake from sweets will stand on such a stand. She cut a circle out of cardboard, attached white corrugated paper and glued double-sided tape.
4. Put soap bubbles in a circle. As in the first step, she used a paper band and a ring.
 cake made from sweets
5. The third floor is a toy. I used it for one reason, it seemed to me that it would look great on the cake. As it turned out to be up to you, the birthday boy was happy, but the ears of others are not very. I pasted the toy with double-sided tape.
 cake made from sweets
6. Gummed chewing gum.
cake made from sweets
7. Gathered all the floors together.
cake of sweets
8. Hid rezinochki under corrugated paper blue. P.S. I did not have time to photograph the cake in a festive atmosphere. In the blink of an eye, his guests were led away by a birthday boy.

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