Tak-Tak and Krampus: who scare children in different countries

Horror stories of each nation. It is understandable - the traditions are different everywhere.

In Russia, children are frightened by doctors, policemen, gray wolves and Babayka. The children of other countries of these horror stories do not understand - why should a doctor or a law enforcement officer be afraid at all? With a gray wolf it is somehow more obvious, but Babayk ... What kind of animal is this? Now tell.

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Russia: Babai and Buka

This creature began to frighten children relatively recently, in the last century. Before that, devils, Baba Yaga and other traditional evil spirits coped well with the role of the company horror stories. Babai is a word with Tatar roots. They call it an old man, a grandfather. And in Russia Babai is something so scary that it makes no sense to describe it. In Slavic folklore, Babai caught on as a night spirit, usually appearing in the form of a terrible old man, black and crooked, lame or armless. He has a bag with him where he “packs” naughty children.

Buka is another fabulous creature that scared children so that they would not leave the house at night. Buka has a huge mouth and a long tongue with which he grabs children and throws it in his mouth. By the way, the closest overseas relative Buki - Boogeyman.

USA and England: Boogeyman

By the way, in America they know about Buku. Stephen King, the famous writer, the king of horrors, wrote a novel about him - Buka came and killed the children of the main character. It was from Buki grew Boogeyman. He lives in a closet under the bed, he is small and very angry. He is seen only by children, whom he strives to drag into his lair. For adults, it is not dangerous.

Western Europe: Sandman

This was what he meant by Hans Christian Andersen, describing his Ole Lukoye. Only Ole Lukoye opened an umbrella over the children at night: over those who behaved well - a color umbrella, over the naughty - black. The first dreamed of bright and good dreams, and the second did not dream anything. The sandy person falls asleep to the children with magic sand to make them fall asleep. Good kids have good dreams and bullies look like nightmares.

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Spain, Portugal, Latin America: El Cuqui

Myths about this ghost monster originated in Spain and Portugal.This evil spirit is also called Coco. Affectionately - but he himself is completely unkind. What El Kukui looks like is not known for sure. In some stories, this is an analogue of Boogeyman, a hairy creature living in a closet or under a bed. In others, it is a half-half-crocodile. His victims are naughty children who do not want to go to bed. Their El Kukui drags off to himself and eats.

Latin America: A man with a bag

In the original, his name sounds like Ombre del Costal. Beautiful like music. But the creature is evil. Ombre del Costal behaves about the same as El Cuqui. Only under the bed, he does not live. He steals baby spoilers to eat. Or, if you're lucky, sell into slavery. Ombre del Costal is a skinny and angry man with a bag full of screaming children. It is better to sleep than to meet with such.

UK: Bendit-and-Mamai

In translation, his name means "Mother's blessing." But if you consider that this is a rather evil elf who steals horses and children, it is rather difficult to call him a blessing. Legend has it that Bendit-i-Mamai has a very good ear. They heard absolutely everything that people talk about. To mark them with an unkind word in a conversation is to mean misfortune.

Netherlands: Black Pete

Actually, this character looks more like a Santa Claus. He climbs into the house through the pipe and brings gifts to the children. Only not at Christmas, and on St. Nicholas Day. True, gifts do not go to all. Black Pete has a little book with him where all the bad and good deeds of children are recorded. If the first will be more, then the child is threatened with a whip. And especially disobedient children face a journey in the bag of Black Pete to Spain. By the way, he was called black because of his appearance - it is believed that he has dark skin, black curly hair and bright red lips.

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Southern Bavaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria: Krampus

This is either a helper, or the opposite of St. Nicholas. In any case, they work in pairs. On December 5 or 6, Krampus and the saints bypass the children. Good children receive gifts from St. Nicholas. Bad gifts do not receive. Rather, they themselves become a present - according to legend, Krampus takes them with him to the cave to cook for the Christmas dinner. Or just dump in the sea. Krampus looks like a classic demon: horns, wool, hooves, snake tongue.

France: Kostoprav

Relative newcomer in the horror congregation.They began to frighten their children somewhere in the nineteenth century, when such a profession appeared - a chiropractor. From the offices of physicians often came terrible cries, from which gray and did not last long. Then the surgeons worked without anesthesia. Thanks to the fantasy of the French moms and dads, Kostopoprav turned into a creature that chooses on the streets at dusk. What for? Of course, to hunt naughty children.

Japan: Tak-Tak

Who knows horror movies like that, they are Japanese. But they have horror stories especially practical. Tak-Tak is half the woman. It is half up to the waist. The bottom half was cut off by train. Do you understand children? Do not go for a walk near the railway. The woman’s name is Kashima Reiko. Her restless spirit creeps along the streets, leaving behind a trail of blood. Tak-taek-tak - knock her elbows on the pavement. And God forbid to meet her late child - she will cut it in half with a scythe.

By the way, a character named Momo has become terribly popular lately - a terrible creature with very large and frightening features. They say that the Internet even appeared a game similar to the "Blue Whale", terribly dangerous for children. In fact, Momo was born two years ago.The sculpture was created by a Japanese named Keitsuko Aisho. And after her image was used by the developers of the Japanese company for the production of special effects. They gave her a name. Momo was so impressed with the Internet that her photo became viral, and her story instantly became overgrown with myths and legends. So, perhaps, we are seeing the birth of a new horror story for children.

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