Mandarin Ice Cream

Mandarin Ice Creamis a recipe.


  1. tangerines 8 pcs / 250 g;
  2. sour cream 20% 400 g;
  3. condensed milk 1 pot.


We clean the tangerines, divide into slices and grind in a blender.

Then at will: either wipe the tangerine puree through a sieve to get rid of the skin, or you can not do it.

In a blender, mix sour cream, condensed milk and tangerine juice-mashed potatoes. Pour into a plastic container and send it to the freezer. Every hour or two, we take it out and mix it so that the ice cream is saturated with oxygen and no ice crystals form in it. We interfere very intensely.

Tangerine syrup: squeeze the juice from a pair of tangerine and warm up with 1 tsp. sugar.

When the ice cream is ready, get out of the freezer and make balls, pour the tangerine syrup on top.

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