Tangle of sleep - why dream

To dream in a tangle - to go on the road. Practically all dream books interpret dreams in this way in which there is a ball of threads or a rope. Sometimes he personifies the confusion in current affairs or the performance of light but monotonous work. In some cases, coiled threads symbolize unpaid debts by you or yourself.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Clew - the image of monotonous unproductive labor, which you will have to do in the near future. Holding a ball and looking at it means falling into a confused situation.

Unwinding the ball - unfortunately on the way, winding - to a successful move to a new place. Unraveling the thread in a dream promises a refund of your debtors. Buying yarn coiled up in a ball is a reminder that it's time for you to return the amount of money or a thing borrowed from someone.

Family Dream

A dream with balls of colored threads promises great luck. The kitten playing with a ball symbolizes the enjoyment of a pleasant holiday with the family. If the cat confused or broke the threads, then most likely you will have to face problems relating to love relationships.

The winding of yarn is a warning that you need to keep track of your own words, considering every phrase that you say. Perhaps the proverb “my tongue is my enemy” will soon become more relevant than ever.

Rolled into a corner or under a bed tangle means that you will be deceived by a person who was trusted unconditionally. Hold the tangle in your hands - face a confused affair.

Female dream book

A dream about the tangle of bright threads in your hands promises a fascinating journey to exotic countries, possibly in the company of a lover.

If you wind up the threads for a long time, a tedious long road awaits you. To untangle the threads is to solve a lot of small problems of a domestic nature that will suddenly fall on you.

If the tangle constantly falls out of your hands, then you most likely will not be able to cope with any business in the usual way and will have to solve the issue fundamentally.

Dissolve knitted thing and reel up - to engage in unproductive activities. Winding a new yarn is a premonition of a long road.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Clew means the intricacies of current affairs, both family and professional.Stubborn winding threads in a dream is a warning that you need to be careful in dealing with your patrons.

A good sign can be considered a dream in which you saw a large number of multi-colored balls. Such a dream promises good luck.

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