Target for bench archery (crossbow)

In the article, you will learn how to make your ownTarget for shooting archery (crossbow). The article will be interesting to everyone who is fond of archery (crossbow). A target is produced simply from improvised materials, will last long and, you no longer have to think what to use as a target for shooting.

Materials and tools:


  1. a lot of used (unnecessary) A4 paper - the height - what you need, and the width of the paper is A3 (2 A4 sheets)
  2. folder for paper (a binder or thick cardboard);
  3. boogie knife;
  4. rubber glue;
  5. wide scotch tape and packing tape (or sanitary tape);
  6. brushes;
  7. metal ruler;
  8. fabric.


Step 1

From the folder for papers (or thick cardboard) with a metal ruler and a paper knife, we cut out the lower and upper part of the target with the size of sheet A.

Step 2

Make the basis of the target. On the table located in the corner (so that the sheets lie flat), lay the paper (exactly and tightly) to the required height, put a sheet of cardboard on top and bottom of the base. Let's take a "flat" (ordinary) kapron rope and tightly draw the paper in the base and tie the knot at the corner.

Step 3

On one of the wide sides of the target base (this will be the back side of the target, like the spine of a book), apply rubber glue and glue the fabric to press and drag the fabric, use a bottle of water as a roller and leave it to dry. .

Step 4

Take an adhesive tape with a wide Scotch tape and wrap it around the back of the target with a scotch tape, trying to tighten the stack of paper tightly. At this point, you can remove the rope, but you can leave - it does not matter.

Step 5

Take the base, put it on the wall and tightly (with all its strength) press the base against the wall, at this time we glue and pull the base (stack of paper) with packing tape (or sanitary tape) - we do this from all 4 sides of the base .The stronger and better you squeeze and pull the base of the target, the longer the target will last.

Then again, we additionally wrap the base with the usual wide adhesive tape.

Step 6

To protect the paper from moisture (in case of bad weather outside while shooting), we wrap the base in a film and wrap it with a wide tape; or, the best option, we wrap the base with packing tape (or plumbing tape) and wrap it with ordinary tape above.

Step 7

Decorate the target, print the image you like on the printer and stick it with adhesive tape on the sides, you can choose your own version. Print the target stencils and stick them to the base.

Target for bench archery (crossbow)is ready. We install and we can start shooting. Now you don’t have a problem with what to use as a target, and such a target will serve you long enough, just change the target stencil. Successful training.

Anothertarget for archery (crossbow), made from old phone books (you can also use old unnecessary magazines), using the same steps.

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